Easiest Single Touch Payroll Software is…. AccXite

Easiest Single Touch Payroll Software is…. AccXite

Claiming AccXite is the easiest single touch payroll software is a big claim. However, this is not a marketing spin. There are Fact based items that AccXite does that truly separates it from the rest.

1. Takes care of Software ID registration for you (i.e. no need for AusKey).

We lodge the STP reports with the ATO using their latest technology using a model called Sending Service Provider model. With this model, we validate you with the ATO when you lodge first time through us and therefore, doesn’t require the software id registration which most our competitors require.

2. 100% Australian Based Support with deep understanding of Payroll.

Our offices are in Greensborough and Heidelberg in Victoria. We don’t outsource our support staff to India or Philippines. In addition, we have been providing Payroll Bureau services for more than 35 years and therefore have very good understanding of the payrolls. Our support staff work on payroll for clients every day. It makes a big difference when you have a question that needs to be solved. We provide phone, email and chat support.

3. You have options of web based and desktop software (Windows, Mac and Linux).

In addition to the web-based software that you can access from our website, you can also use our desktop software if that suits you. The data is stored in the cloud so that you can swap and change at any time.

4. You can use it even if you don’t have a phone.

We take our security very seriously and therefore need users to have a smart phone that they can use to generate a code to identify them. It is the best security you can get for your account. However, if you have no phone, we can by pass it if you can use our desktop software.

5. Don’t force you to have a timesheet. It is there, but it is optional.

Our payroll software has a timesheet function, but it can be turned off with a tick of a box. You can enter gross wage figures manually if that’s all you want. So many users registered with AccXite due to this feature.

6. You can manually change gross, tax, super, pretty much anything on the same screen.

All the data that you enter and we calculate are very easy to change. You can change them on the payslip making it easier for you to see what you are doing.

7. You can lodge Single Touch Payroll with the ATO in a minute.

AccXite can copy the data from previous periods and therefore if nothing changes you just need to review the summary and press the button to submit to the ATO. It will take you no time to do this.

8. You can Scaling from 1 employee to 100 is a breeze.

We look after large Aged Care facilities in our payroll bureau business. The system is designed so that as you grow bigger, you can unlock features that you didn’t need before (no additional cost for additional features) and keep going. It saves you from having the need to change systems at a later stage.

9. You can invite others (Tax Agents, Bookkeepers, Co -Owners, Payroll Admin, etc) to your files for free.

We allow unlimited user accounts and therefore you can invite other users to your system and can allow them to perform actions only you allow with few clicks.

10. You can manage multiple businesses from the same screen

If you have more than one business to manage, on each AccXite’s screen, you can change the business and keep working on them. It couldn’t be any easier.

11. Proved by the results and clients love us

We only realised how far we are ahead in terms of ease of use only when we received this unsolicited email in July.

“I just wanted to get in touch to say a big thank you for your product. My father has a small business of under 4 employees and has had to start using a single touch payroll system this financial year. Leading up to this change, we tried using many different systems all of which were difficult to set up, had tutorials that were not up to date with their current products or were overly complicated for a small business. Your product perfectly fit our needs and after many hours of trying unsuitable systems it was such a relief to find a software that worked for us.”

Actually, we should have known earlier. The reason is when the ATO release the name of businesses that support single touch payroll, they decided to order the businesses randomly. In Jun 2019 we were randomly placed at the last place. In July 2019, we were randomly placed at the second last place. In August 2019, things were a little better and we were randomly placed at the 4th last place. Even with these unlucky circumstance, we pickup so many clients because they tried pretty much everyone and found AccXite to be the one that truly worked for them.

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Now you know that why AccXite is in fact the Easiest Single Touch Payroll software out there, why don’t you give us a try (it's free until 31 Dec 2019) and see what the fuss is all about.

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