Setting up multiple businesses for Single Touch Payroll under AccXite

Setting up multiple businesses for Single Touch Payroll under AccXite

If you have more than one business that you are looking after (you might be the owner or you might be a tax agent), then you need an easy way to manage them. AccXite provides you the easiest way to manage more than one business from the same screen under the same email.

When you are ready to setup the second business, please go to Actions -> Business Setup and then click on “New Business Setup”. You will be presented with a familiar screen that you used to setup your first business. From here the process is the same as setting up your first business.

After you set up the second business, you will see a drop-down box on all screens where you can easily switch between your existing businesses. Now you have successfully set up the second business. As this is a different business with different ABN it will have its own AccXite invoice.

After you set up, you might want to invite other users to the business entity so that they can view the pay details (might be a tax agent, pay roll admin, business owner). To add a new user, you need to go to Actions -> Users -> then click on New User. Fill in the details and save.

The email address of the new user will be used to invite them to the business. If this email address is already registered with AccXite, then the user needs to do log out and log in. If the user is not registered with AccXite yet, they need to register before they can access the business records.

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