JobMaker Hiring Credit Scheme with AccXite

JobMaker Hiring Credit Scheme with AccXite
You can use AccXite to enroll in JobMaker Hiring Credit Scheme. Please follow the following steps to enroll:
  1. Please go to to ensure that you understand the requirements
  2. Go to Actions -> Business Setup and click on “Enable JobMaker Hiring Credit Reporting”
  3. Click on “Confirm Enable JobMaker Reporting”
  4. All the relevant allowances will be automatically created starting with “JMHC-“. You can see them under Payroll -> Allowance Types. All the items without “X” are for enrolling. You need to select the relevant allowance in a pay run and lodge it with the ATO. All the items with “X” are for removing the previously enrolled same item.
  5. Each Period has a number from 1 to 8. The relevant periods can be found here.

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