Year End Procedure with AccXite

Year End Procedure with AccXite

Payroll software usually make Year-end procedures, generating group certificates and finalising the STP for the year with the ATO unnecessarily complicated. With AccXite it couldn’t be any simpler.

Just follow these steps to finalise the year end:

  1. After you lodge your final pay run for the year, go back to the pay run. You will see “Generate Year End Submission (Step 1 of 4)”. (If you can’t see this button in the pay run that means it is open and hasn’t been lodged) Click on the button. Year End Procedure with AccXite
  2. Click on Confirm on the next screen Year End Procedure with AccXite
  3. Review the year to date figures and if all is good click on “Submit to ATO”. They are in the last 3 columns of the table Year End Procedure with AccXite If your year to date figures are not what you expected, the most likely reason is that you have missed recording a payment in the system. You can create a new pay run and enter the missing payment details in it. The only thing to watch out for is that the payment date has to be today's date or if the financial year end date has already passed (i.e. you are already in the new financial year), 30 June of the relevant financial year.
  4. Confirm Submission. Year End Procedure with AccXite
  5. Once you submitted, you will get the following message. Year End Procedure with AccXite
  6. You can always come back to this pay run to download all the payment summaries for all employees. If you want to download just one employee's payment summary, go to that employee's pay slip and you will have an option to download the individual payment summary.

CSV Uploads

If you lodge your payrolls via our CSV file upload facility, then in "final_eoy_pay_indicator" column you need to enter "true" for all the employees. Please ensure all employees who were paid during the year are included in the final csv.

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