How to pay employees in different pay cycles

How to pay employees in different pay cycles

In your business, you might have employees being paid in a different pay cycle. For example, you might have employees being paid weekly and owner being paid monthly.

It is easy to overcome this issue in AccXite. You need to select the common pay cycle as the “Pay Run Frequency” under Users -> Business Setup. Let’s assume that in this case it is weekly. Since the weekly pay run is the common option, they system will create a weekly pay run and will calculate tax at the weekly rate. This works great for all the weekly paid employees.

For the owner, you won’t have pays for the first 3 weeks of the month. In the final week, you can enter the wages in their pay slip. This works great for the gross wages. However, the tax is being calculated at the weekly scale. You want it to calculate it at the monthly scale. We are bringing in a feature to solve this issue automatically. Until then, you need to save the pay slip and see how much tax we have calculated and then enter the difference in “Manual Tax Adjustment” under “Manual Wages, and Other Special Items” of the pay slip.

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