How to Automate the Single Touch Payroll Process?

How to Automate the Single Touch Payroll Process?

If your payroll is stable, you might be wondering if you can automate the lodgement of your STP (Single Touch Payroll) lodgement to the ATO so you can focus on other important matters. However, the ATO requirement is you need to confirm the lodgement every time it is lodged. We need to send the details of the person lodging the reports to the ATO.

In AccXite, we have automated as much as we legally can so that if your pay roll is stable, you can lodge the reports in few clicks. When generating a new pay run, if you click “New Pay Run – Copy Last Pay Run”, we will copy the details from the previous pay run and do all the calculations necessary. All you need to do is, review the pay slips and if all is good, submit to the ATO.

If you want to have a hands-off approach, you also have the option of using AccXite Payroll Bureau Services for additional fees.

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