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No Hassle Service Guarantee

AccXite Provides the Best Client Service.
Here at AccXite, we are firmly committed to providing the best service experience to our clients. We want you know that we will provide the best service experience while we are working with you on any project.

Accordingly, I, Michael Castro, a director of AccXite, hereby unconditionally guarantee that if any of the following service criteria are not met any time, AccXite will charge only 50% of the fees quoted for that particular project.

1. Emails received by 1500 hours on any normal working day will be answered the same day.
2. Letters will be answered within two days of receipt.
3. Subject to all the appropriate information having been received from you and other third parties, draft Annual Accounts will be submitted for approval within four weeks.
4. As a minimum progress of projects will be reported to you on a fortnightly basis.
5. Client/Accountant ratio will be maintained at a constant level to ensure no loss of personal service.
6. All accounting work will be carried out "in house" by suitably qualified members of staff.
7. Should it be necessary to leave a telephone message it will be answered following day latest.

Michael Castro CA

How Do We Compare?

How do we compare to your current providers? We are confident that when you do your own analysis, we will come on the top.

To help you started we have put together a comparison sheet for you to complete. Please download the comparison sheet as a:

Web Page (.HTML), Microsoft Word (.Doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.PDF)].